Tannery Brooke with John Shepard


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Tannery struggles deeply with his cultural identity and dating life. He could use professional advice from a clinically trained therapist. Instead, he gets Ian, whom today and most days is covered in barbecue sauce. Plus, a third lost soul may even make an appearance, not that Ian could help them much out either. I'm afraid not even a Rorschach test will be able to steer these two goofballs back on track.

Unrelated, but comedian John Shepard can be followed on Instagram @handsomeguyontheinternet and you can see his live monthly show Larry & Licoln Linguinis Electric Variety Hour at Wonderville in Brooklyn whenever live shows are possible.

And don't forget, Sigmund Fraud LIVE taping coming Monday February 28th 9pm at Under St. Marks via Squirrel Comedy!!

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