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LIVE from Under St. Marks, Sigmund Fraud himself interviews patients Barbara Cumb, Trey Dilfer, and Hellen Highwater about their court mandated therapy and their lives as venture capitalists. These three are clearly some sick puppies in desperate need of some hard call outs, but Ian instead seems to only want to talk about sex, dead parents, and whom else they can blame for their situation.

What's on my mind you ask? How kind of you! You know, there's three comedians I love to death that always make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. Their names are Jaime Lutz, Bill Schaefer, and Caitlin Sing and you can follow them @jaimelutz, @billdagawdd, and @caitsing on social media. Also, be sure to check out Bill's monthly Tuesday night standup show Quality Time over at Easy Lover and stay tuned for another live improv show featuring both Ian and Jaime coming up Monday April 4th at 9pm back at Under St. Marks via Squirrel Comedy.

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