325: How Wilglory Tanjong Got Her Luxury Bags From Senegal To Beyoncé


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In this very exciting episode, I’m chatting with Wilglory Tanjong, the Founder and CEO of Anima Iris, a technology-driven luxury bag brand that is industrializing Africa through retail. Starting with a personal investment of $5K, in under two years Wilglory has scaled Anima Iris into a multimillion-dollar valued company.

In this episode she shares:

  • How she worked alongside artisans in Dakar, Senegal for their craftsmanship and ended up supporting their livelihoods and families
  • Her advice on keeping the faith and betting on yourself and your business every time
  • The crazy story of how she got Beyoncé to rock an Anima Iris bag and post about it on Instagram!

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