Hot Sauce: Burn Your B-Hole? OR Treat Chronic Pain?! - Feel Good Friday


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Trikafta hits yet another province. But it isn't the one that Jer lives in. Congrats British Columbia! Speaking of Jer, he needs your help. Especially if you happen to be an optometrist... or an ophthalmologist. Our boy Naheed posted about a group of ding dongs in Alberta who attended a COVID party to purposely get infected. One man in Turkey got so hammered he joined his own search party. Finally Tay teaches the fellas a bit about the science of spicy. Turn out capsaicin may be able to act as a pain killer... the fellas wouldn't know a damn thing about it as they shovel chips doused in "Da Bomb" hot sauce into their gullets. You might wanna watch this on YouTube.

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