Jeremie Is Getting Trikafta! - Feel Good Friday


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"Have your tissue boxes handy folks. This week we found out that Jer is finally going to be receiving Trikafta, and likely he'll be taking it before Christmas! Obviously this is an incredibly exciting time for many people affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Although there is one psychological side to it all that maybe you haven't considered. Jeremie tries his best to lead the fellas through the confusing and uncomfortable feelings that are coming up for him now that he's just around the corner from receiving this miracle drug. What happens when you've spent your entire life embracing/cultivating an identity, only to feel as though you now must grieve that side of yourself? Be sure to check out our Movember campaign as we ramp up for the month of November! Who's going to bust out the greatest stash of all time?! - To check out the amazing work our past guest and cycle phenom Alex Dowsett is up to in the world of hemophilia research head over to -

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