Hot Take: Jeremie Has COVID - Feel Good Friday


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COVID finally got Jer. Although it's the zeta cuck variant. Zero symptoms. Either that or Trikafta is unknowingly one of the world's most impressive COVID therapeutics... not really. No misinformation here. Brian is full of hot takes. Tune in to hear mushrooms speak & to see the actual size of a pregnant uterus. Toby is a little CF warrior. Literally. The kid lives for punching other children in the face. The U.S. is addicted to cremation. Short guys can now get the long end of the stick with a leg-lengthening surgery. It's all about confidence fellas! Finally in this week's edition of WHAT THE HELLTH!? One poor man injected insulation foam into a place where really you shouldn't be injecting anything. Spoiler alert it has to do with his Pee Pee and he will never be able to use it again! *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord!

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