Homegrown Penis: Phalloplasty - Feel Good Friday


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Sometimes you just have to say oops. But then sometimes you get fired on the spot. Rightfully so because sometimes you mistake an elderly person for dead and then zip them up into a body bag and load them into a hearse. Israel opened up a Blood and Mommy Milk fortress that can withstand pretty much anything short of a meteor the size of Texas. Speaking of space… how many people have doinked in space? Nature vs Nurture is at the forefront of a recent study involving twins who were separated from their siblings and raised in a different country and different culture. Finally, one man has grown a penis on his arm and had phalloplasty. It’s a heartwarming tale, but things got a bit awkward when it turns out his mom volunteered her own arm to grow the penis on first. *Join the post-episode conversation over on Discord! https://discord.gg/expeUDN

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