Chucking My Career & Working My Way Back To My Passion w/ Christine Morrison


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The story of how, at the age of 40, Christine Morrison walked away from her long and successful career as a fashion executive and beauty marketer (at the time she was a VP for Calvin Klein in NYC) to become a freelance writer. A lifelong fashion aficionado (think Carrie Bradshaw here, ladies) Christine had dreamed of a career as a writer when she younger; she’d even majored in journalism. But life intervened. Christine’s is a story of relentlessly and methodically working your way back to your passion.

Today, Christine (@writinginblackandwhite) is a working fashion and beauty writer based in Atlanta. Her articles have appeared in, publications including The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. She has also lent her copywriting expertise to brands including Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, and Lumity skincare.

The mom of twins is currently on working her memoir—a collection of essays reflecting the meaning behind and the humor in what she wore while forming her identity, navigating her way to true love, and discovering her authentic self.

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