What your menopause symptoms are really telling you


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Some topics that are really close to our heart and Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of them. Not just because of the relief it can offer women going through peri/menopause but because of its approach to women and the change in general. It is far more optimistic, embracing, and unapologetic than our North American perspective and we find that hopeful and reassuring.

Angela Warburton R.TCMP, R.Ac is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Using holistic and natural medicine, she helps restore balance to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to help women understand the subtle (or not so subtle) signs and symptoms of their body and emotions so they can live their most radiant life through menopause and beyond.

We also have chat about ‘the second spring’ being a time for women to look forward to as they step into their greatest power. It came as a surprise to us that different cultures view and experience menopause differently.

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