Vacation Alert!


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The sun is shining, the patios are open and we’re finally vaccinated! This calls for a celebration! So, we’re going to be wrapping up the podcast for the summer as we swap our sweats for swimsuits and try to disconnect and enjoy some down time.

We have learned so much over the past year. Our experts have shared some invaluable information that has not only changed the way we view menopause, it’s helped us conquer a few of the symptoms as well. Our conversations have been a game-changer to our health and our minds. Our minds were blown by the courage and strength of our ‘real women, real stories’ guests who weren’t afraid to tell us about their own journey and struggles. We are in awe by the amazing community we’re building.We even had the world’s bravest man join us! You’ll want to listen to that episode!

In this final episode, we reflect on some of the amazing women we’ve met, advice that changed our world and topics we’re excited to explore when our podcast heats up again in September.

Keep following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube because even though we won’t be podcasting, we’re keeping the conversation, advice and tips going over the summer months. Flip flops on and bottoms up, everyone!

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