The "She's" behind She2.0


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Happy Halloween! And what a scary time of the year! For us it’s because the clocks go back and we’re going to miss the longer days and even though there may not be trick-or-treating this year, we’re still loading up so we have a stash that will last us till Christmas!

This week grab your Halloween candy and snuggle up while you tune in to She2.0, the podcast! Ramona and I have had the pleasure of interviewing experts on all things related to menopause but then we realized, “Hey! We haven’t even explained why we’re doing this thing called She2.0!” So that’s exactly what we’re discussing in this week’s episode. Where did the idea come from and how did it hit us like a truck that we had to do this? Why do we relate on everything from a macro level to a cellular level on all things about menopause? We definitely have some stories to share and we want to explain why we’re so passionate about shining a much-needed light on this cloaked topic so that women can enjoy better health and a more optimal experience. We’re here to help you keep your mind sharp, your body strong and your sex – HOT!

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