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Some of us are embracing aging while some of us are raging against it. Is it a no-win battle? Maybe not. In this episode we’re talking to Melissa Fillion (M.Sc) - Personal Training Coach. Melissa knows better than most that we are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to aging. For example, did you know that muscle mass decreases later in life for men than women? She talks about how the decline in estrogen has a direct correlation to loss in muscle strength, function and mass. Is HRT safe and does it affect all women the same? Melissa shares some really helpful knowledge around this hot topic. What if you can’t take or aren’t open to HRT? There are other options to help mitigate some of the symptoms we get with muscle loss. But regardless of who you are, the one viable option for all women in helping with these symptoms is exercise!

Melissa also shares how we can turn that around and combat the effects of estrogen deficiencies in our bodies so we can remain strong and kick ass! This is definitely an episode that speaks to all women.

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