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Ladies, have we got a treat for you. We are going to introduce you to the ‘bravest man alive’! Our special guest on this week’s podcast is Rodger Donaldson who is going to give us a glimpse of what menopause looks like from the other side.

Rodger met his wife, Mary Jo about 15 years ago. Today they own and operate Elk Lake Wilderness Resort which offers fishing and family vacations. They have their hands pretty full and to add to that, Mary Jo started to go through menopause and that was a whole other ride!

Rodger is honest and really insightful and gives us a really valuable perspective from the partner of someone going through this major life transition. We tend to think of our own experience, but this is a good opportunity to hear from someone who is truly supporting their partner through thick and thin. No pressure to all the other partners out there!

We’re pretty impressed by Rodger and hope you’ll have a listen because he shares some really wonderful advice with the rest of us.

Tune in!

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