112. Struggling with Depression as a Perfectionist: Dr. Margaret Rutherford on Perfectly Hidden Depression


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Today's guest is Dr. Margaret Rutherford—a psychologist, author, podcast host, and writer! We discuss Dr. Margaret's background in the mental health field, how she identified and coined the term "perfectly hidden depression," what perfectly hidden depression is, how perfectionism can cover up emotional pain, the implications of not expressing emotions, high-functioning vs. perfectly hidden depression, warning signs to keep be aware of, Dr. Margaret's healing process for depression, how you can support someone struggling, and so much more!

My episode on the Self-Work Podcast: https://drmargaretrutherford.com/296-selfwork-teenage-depression-its-real-how-can-you-help-a-conversation-with-sadie-sutton/

Dr. Margaret's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmargaretrutherford/


+ Brené Brown's books

+ I Don't Want to Talk About It by: Terrence Real

+ What Made Maddy Run by: Kate Fagan

+ Questionaire



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