Needful Things (1993)


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Shat The Movies is no stranger to film adaptations of Stephen King books, but this is the first one Big D has actually read. "Needful Things" combines the unexpected star power of Ed Harris and Max von Sydow with the unexpected bosom of Bonnie Bedelia to bring us a movie with a devilishly good premise and abysmal special effects.

Gene felt "Needful Things" was more Muppet movie than a genuine horror flick. Ash begged all the characters to install alarm systems, and Big D pointed out the missing reveal that really would have brought the whole tale home. In the end, the Shat Crew agreed the film simply had to be intended as a horror-comedy.

In this episode, we also discuss: what "needful thing" each Shat The Movies co-host would choose, how the movie did Nettie dirty, materialism, hypocrisy, the slowest cop ever, easily convinced townsfolk who all happen to be trained stunt performers, and how to properly blow up a church.






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