#252 Relationships, Psychedelics, and Becoming Our Most Badass Selves - With Ian Stratton of Altared


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Well this was a fun one. Our dear friend and Somatic Healer Ian Stratton joins us to talk all about how we can become our best selves in all fields including in relationships, with purpose and passion, and within our own being. Stay tuned for a playful yet informative episode.

We also answer a sex question about helping a partner deal with "premature ejaculation" shame.

About our guest: Our friend Ian Stratton is a man on a mission to help liberate others from trauma and unconscious programming, bringing their passions to life. He does this through his training as a somatic counselor, ethical use of psychedelics, and his latest offering and creation - a deep-dive program called Altared. To learn more visit santacruzmedicine.com and Altared.life

Other links from Ian Stratton:

-Brownies Spreadsheet

-Brownies "How to" Doc

-Wim Hof Beginner Practice (10 Mins)

-Wim Hof Advanced Practice (20 Mins)

-Short Guided Breath Journey (30 Mins)

-Full Guided Breath Journey (60 Mins)

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