What Determines Your Health?


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We sure do give a lot of power to what we eat. I get it, I love all the cool things that food does for us, after all, I am a dietitian! Yet, in the grand scheme of our life how much impact do our diet patterns have on our health?

In this episode I talk about the space that dietary patterns technically occupy, and then I show you how dieting and food restriction bleeds into the other areas that determine health, impacting them negatively!

Here is the link to the chart I reference and the methodology for its creation. https://www.goinvo.com/vision/determinants-of-health/?fbclid=IwAR2oACd-WH9mnFY4kkPbo60M-vSMcNl5qBnEwoitONlpL0iXOudiFcrVBGs#references

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