Weekly: Apple Zero-day Vulnerability, Revil, and Yandex DDoS


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ShadowTalk hosts Stefano, Rory, Dylan, and Adam bring you the latest in threat intelligence. This week they cover: * Revil is back: Picking up where we left off * Record-setting DDoS attack targets Yandex * Apple fixes two high-severity zero-day vulnerabilities * BONUS: Fake News and Crypto Get this week's Intelligence Summary: https://resources.digitalshadows.com/weekly-intelligence-summary/weekly-intelligence-summary-17th-sept ***Resources from this week’s podcast*** [Digital Shadows Blog] Building Successful Teams On The Cybercriminal Underground [Digital Shadows Blog] Enhance Executive Protection With SocialMonitor [Digital Shadows Blog] Revil Ransomware: What’s Next [Article] Yandex Pummeled by Potent Meris DDoS Botnet [Article] Apple patches an NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices Subscribe to our threat intelligence email: https://info.digitalshadows.com/SubscribetoEmail-Podcast_Reg.html Also, don’t forget to reach out to - shadowtalk@digitalshadows.com- if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the next episodes.

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