5 Areas to Reimagine Coaching


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In this episode, Steve Gladen breaks down 5 areas where ministry leaders can re-imagine how they do coaching for their groups ministry. The following is what will specifically be covered in this show:

History of Coaching

  • Staff or volunteers
  • Serve in one Help in another
  • Saddleback’s history—building upon, keeping best of…
    • 1.0 version (1998)
      • 1:5—I could recruit faster than our growth
    • 2.0 version (2005)—why it changed, it was broken
      • 1:25 paid
      • Introduced not equal care, but strategic care
      • 4 Buckets and Reactive/pro active
      • Name changed from Coaches to CL’s because of paradigm shift
      • Care 70% Administration, training, connecting 30%,
      • Get in for right reason, but get out for right reason
      • CL Retreats
    • 3.0 Version (2009)—why it changed, it couldn’t scale financially
      • 1:25 volunteered, above same
      • Introduced any span of care a CL could do
    • 4.0 Version (2014) why it changed, they weren’t sure what to do
      • Introduced the “Starbuck’s” green apron more developmental
      • FRIEND
      • LEADER
      • COACH
      • Hard and Soft data collection
      • Skip Level, Trust but Verify
    • 5.0 Version (2017) why it changed, we discovered other factors not giving maximum alignment
      • Introduced the Village concept
      • Alignment
    • 6.0 Version (2021) why it changed, discovered different types of CL’s
      • HOST to Leader to CL to Minister
      • CL Course
      • Training Modules
      • Track training (next gen beyond Starbuck’s green apron)

5 Areas to Reimagine Coaching

  • The Ethos (the environment the CL lives in)
    • the family system (w/o parents it is risky)
    • How’s the family (you, coaches and Group leaders)
    • Do you know what you are producing—the end in mind
  • The Reason (for the CL)
    • Directive Disciple MAKING—management and guidance, Space flight PSGWP page 201
    • Tom Landry quote
    • Baseline, Know the health metrics HA & GHA
    • How will you give course corrections (ideas, curriculum, encouragement, etc.)
  • The Process (finding CL’s)
    • The Group Leader pathway HOST to Leader to CL (P3) to Minister
    • Competency and Capacity
    • Retreats
    • Introductory Course
  • The Pathway (growing the CL)
    • The Coach engagement pathway to the HOST; FRIEND—LEADER—COACH
    • The Coach’s pathway of growth for them
      • SGP guidance
      • Modules Training
      • Course(s)
      • Retreats
  • The Influences (that help the CL)…what I call the Village
    • Share the Village, who’s in helping? Who surrounds the Small Group speaking health?
    • People (primary)
      • Small Group Point Person
      • CL or Coach
      • Senior Pastor
  • Processes (secondary)
    • Training Pathway for the leader
    • Tools (HA and GHA)
    • Training Pathway for the CL
    • Newsletter
    • Small Group Weekend Table connection
    • Small Group Website home page
    • Weekend services
    • Leader Retreats and SGH
    • Streaming content (curriculum and training)
    • Social Media
    • Testimonies
    • FAQ’s




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