Communication Is A Lubrication


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Here’s a secret. The #1 obstacle standing between you and the sex of your dreams probably comes down to exactly one thing: communication. It’s not a cliche - it’s a skill, and on today’s Ask Emily show, we’re talking our way to better sex. So let’s bravely face the awkwardness, with communication hacks for even the most nerve-wracking of convos.

Clamming up during sex talks? I’ve got a confidence-building solution for that. How about giving tough feedback, like asking for better handjobs, or addressing a funky smell? We get into it! Finally, we tackle tough topics like telling a friend you have feelings for them, whether or not to open a relationship, and if you should stay in a partnership if the sex is just OK. Communication is lubrication, but you know what? It’s also liberating, and by the end of this episode, you’ll be feeling a lot freer.

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