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➡️ { DETAILS } “I need to be used” is a new—but *very* clear—sentiment for LG, a little who is three months into a brand new Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic. She shares everything that led up to this relationship: the deep intimacy and consistent amazing sex (especially oral) of her 5-year teenage relationship, growing up Christian-ish and the lack of sex ed and clear language, making out with boys during nap time in preschool, and her first orgasm: an accidental peegasm when she was in elementary school. The opening of LG’s vagina is extremely sensitive and can cause her to cum, she also love rimming, and has come to the conclusion that monogamy with someone who’s not into oral is a dealbreaker. Luckily, her new daddy also loves it, and for the first time she feels her physical and emotional needs being deeply met, without the requirement of the connection heading toward life partnership. She talks about realizing she must be kinky, discovering she’s definitely a cumslut, gangbang fantasies, how how it is that her Daddy is fixed, understanding subspace, reading books with good sex, feeling ready for a vanilla threesome, how fast she cums (so edging is hard), and how hot it is to stare into a lover’s eyes while heartbeats and orgasms sync up.

➡️ { STATS } Single 26-year-old Cuban-American bi-curious cis female; a (very horny) submissive and a little into sensual and psychological domination and is in a (new!) DDlg dynamic, from and living in Texas.

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