“Pleasure as Medicine” (w/ Miriam Elyse)


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Miriam Elyse is an LA based Tantra yoga practitioner and women’s sexuality coach. Miriam found tantra yoga on her own healing - she used it to heal past traumas and to reconnect to her own power. Today she works with people to help change unhealthy patterns in relationships, break through blocks to pleasure, and reignite their inner fire. She also leads workshops, trainings, retreats around the world and speaks on panels offering her perspective on sacred sexuality, mind-body empowerment, and healing sexuality as a means of spiritual growth. For more info on Miriam’s practice headover too: https://www.miriamelyse.com. In this episode Miriam breaks down Sexual Appetites, her Tantra journey, and dealing with being at odds with yourself.

2:06- Knowing about you

5:39- Sexual Maturity

7:21- Sexual Appetites

9:29- Early Sexual Experiences

12:18- More background on Miriam’s clients

13:08- Tantra Journey

16:05- Spiritual Notion Pleasure

22:26- Drink in more consciousness

33:30- Duality of Softness and rage

37:46- If I was your client

38:30- Having time to explore when youre busy

41:46- Yoni egg

46:30- What is the red path

48:00- Rage and wants

52:49- At Odds with yourself

54:20- big messages

58:55- Why don’t women explore themselves

62:17- Final comments

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