"Ancient & future wisdom" (w/Samantha Sweetwater)


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Samantha Sweetwater is civilization designer, plant medicine guide, spiritual executive coach and writer. For over 30 years, Samantha has pioneered Embodied Awakening through the creation of soul-centric businesses, communities, art and evolutionary culture. As the founder of Dancing Freedom & PeaceBody Japan, she built a global movement touching tens of thousands of lives and training hundreds of facilitators on five continents. She have developed a unique ability to support people in the courageous re-alignment of your relationships, career and leadership with their souls. Find out more at www.samanthasweetwater.com and on IG @samanthasweetwater

1.) Origin of the name Samantha Sweetwater - 1:09

2.) What does mean to "come home"? - 7:00

3.) What is San Pedro Cactus? - 13:04

4.) Some the effects of San Pedro Cactus - 27:32

5.) Why are San Pedro medicinal effects underground? - 34:39:13

6.) What is Iboga? - 44:22

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