Behind The Scenes Look of TV Show Intervention with Dan Partland


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Dan Partland is an award-winning Director, Producer, Writer for both documentary films and television for over 20 years. Dan was the Executive Producer and Showrunner of A&E’s Intervention for over 150 episodes and has gathered countless awards and accolades, including an Emmy for best reality series. In this episode, Dan shares his experiences with interacting with the people on Intervention and shares some of his key highlights with what he’s learned about addiction over the years.


[1:40] A little bit about Dan

[3:25] Dan has done 150 episodes of the TV show Intervention.

[5:55] What made Dan and his production company interested in digital addiction?

[12:15] It’s such a privilege to be able to see into someone else’s life.

[14:10] How does Dan help everyday people feel comfortable on camera?

[18:10] With the rise of social media, people are subjected to a lot more online bullying.

[20:15] What did Dan learn after highlighting addiction for so long?

[27:00] Dan believes consciousness is the real issue to addiction. He explains what he means.

[36:00] People were often concerned that some of these people on Intervention were being exploited. Dan addresses this.

[38:25] 75% of the addicts Dan has interviewed are still sober today.

[39:55] Dr. Rob’s greatest gift is helping someone stay sober.

[41:25] It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get a lot harder as technology increases.


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  • “As social media has taken off, it’s given everybody a bit of a megaphone and that’s given rise to a lot of trolling and meanness online.”
  • “Drugs and alcohol make it a lot easier for people to see it and understand.”
  • “Mental health is an underserved issue across the board.”
  • “It’s hard work to be a junkie. You’ve got to wake up, shoot up, and get on the streets to hustle.”

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