S2: Ep 2 - HIV with Pharma Daddy


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I can't believe that in the year of our Dua Lipa 2022 we STILL don't know shit around HIV/AIDS (callin' you out on your shit, DaB*by). What's a gay to do when HIV is literally all we talk about in our community? Invite a hunky pharmacist who knows all about it! Andrew Schonbe, a.k.a. Pharmacist Drew, of the Ontario Prevention Clinic pops in on location from his clinic to demystify HIV, PrEP, being undetectable, and that it is in fact safe to swallow cum! Hallelujah!

Pharmacist Drew is a certified HIV Pharmacist and completed his pharmacy education at The University of Toronto. Before launching The PrEP Clinic, he was the pharmacist-owner of central Ontario’s only Safer Space and LGBTQ+ focused pharmacy. He currently teaches at Georgian College educating future healthcare professionals on empathy, sexual health, and fighting HIV stigma.While Drew’s prior pharmacy provided a weekly PrEP Clinic, he would get calls from all over Ontario wanting the service. This led him to want to break down barriers and provide a consistent high-quality service that anyone could access no matter where they lived in Ontario. In 2019, he launched The PrEP Clinic and the rest is history. He is proud to have expanded access and care to more people than before in this innovative and effective way. Pharmacist Drew regularly presents to other healthcare professionals across Canada on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in healthcare practice and on encouraging PrEP and HIV care uptake. He previously was the recipient of a Canada-wide pharmacy award for his role in supporting patient sexual health. His prior pharmacy was also awarded with the Reader’s Choice Pharmacy of the Year Award and Simcoe Pride’s Business of the Year award. In 2020 he co-authored a national guide for pharmacists on PrEP and PEP. Many pharmacists currently working in PrEP care have been educated on PrEP because of Drew, including other online PrEP service providers. He is a firm believer education should be universal and no one should be left out of the conversation when it comes to HIV. Drew is passionate on fighting stigma, especially on spreading the U=U message.

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