Episode 7: There are SO Many Ways to be Non Monogamous!


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Are more people noticing folks in “open relationships”? Is Non-Monogamy the new relationship status? Join Taara and Sylvie on this episode to learn all about this relationship status that seems to be creating quite the buzz. They reveal their vast personal experiences with non-monogamy, their theories on why people may be interested in it, all the different ways you can open your relationship and what non-monogamy isn’t. Later, they bring some of their Somatic Sex Educator tools to the show, and offer a somatic exercise to notice what goes on in your body and genitals when different types of non-monogamy scenarios are shared. If you’ve been curious about this relationship status, this show is for you! WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/DeEBQZovk10 ---- About Sex Ed for the Modern Bed: I have been working as a sex educator since 2014. First as a non-monogamous educator and podcaster with my partner. In April 2021 I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge surrounding sex education and enrolled in school to become a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. I have recently completed my fourth Core Course with my Institute and I am a certified "Like a Pro" graduate with the School of Consent. I am currently starting a waitlist to work with clients both online and in-person. Read more about Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork is: https://www.sexedforthemodernbed.com/about About Sex and Sensibility: I have a background in neuroscience /neurobiology & spent the past decade exploring tools and modalities around emotional release and Somatic bodywork. Trained as a relationship/intimacy coach with the Somatica® Institute before embarking on the path of Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Education with the ISSSE where I'm currently completing my training. I hold trainings in performance hypnosis, doula training, lactation education, dominatrix work, business coaching, Hakomi Psycotherapy and psychedelic guidance/integration. I am currently enrolled in Ellen Heed's STREAM training (Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management) with a focus on holistic pelvic care. My emphasis is on emerging from shame, increased choicefulness, pattern recognition, improved communication & boundary setting. I hold a space where my clients can safely and authentically show up in their bodies and minds, dark side and all, and be met there. The work I do is client-led, in service to stepping more into wholeness, happiness & eroticism. I place high value on my clients exploring the taboo, enjoying the freedom to discover various sensations, find empowerment outside of normative realms & lean in to playing with power dynamics. www.mysexandsensibility.com --- WORK WITH ME: https://www.sexedforthemodernbed.com/services --- SAY HI ON SOCIAL: Website: https://www.sexedforthemodernbed.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/sxuninterrupted Instagram: www.instagram.com/sexedforthemodernbed/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/sexuninterrupted/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/sexuninterrupted Music Credit: Shake - Anno Domini Beats (Theme Music) © SU Lifestyle Media Inc.

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