Medication Management: There Is a Better Way


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Prescriptions are involved in nearly 70% of every clinical encounter in the U.S. each year, with more than 4.5 billion prescriptions filled and dispensed for nearly two-thirds of all US adults. Yet for all the lives saved and care outcomes improved, medication management has a dark side.

Each year, suboptimal medication use—through inaccurate prescribing, medication errors, and medication non-adherence results in $528.4 billion wasted annually. The CDC notes that adverse drug events or ADEs in the US are responsible for 1.3 million emergency department visits every year.

These are just a few of the many challenges inherent in the mismanagement of medications, needing to be rectified through a proven process known as comprehensive medication management (CMM). In short, CMM is underutilized—and because it’s not widely understood, organizations and healthcare stakeholders are limited in their ability to lower costs, restore health in individuals and communities, and save more lives.

On today's show, we've assembled an expert panel to weigh in on the state of affairs in CMM: Katie Capps, co-founder, and executive director of Get the Medications Right Institute; Robert Fortini, vice president of Care Coordination at Catholic Health Services of Long Island Physician Partners; Corrine Leong Lee, director of Pharmacy Services at Catholic Health Services of Long Island ACO Partners; and Dr. Paul Grundy, chief transformation officer at Innovaccer and president of Get the Medication Right Institute.

Here’s what they discussed:

  • The crucial impact of adverse drug events (ADEs) on emergency room visits
  • Four certainties the CMM standard of care ensures
  • How Medicare’s medication therapy management (MTM) missed the mark
  • Four crucial differences between MTM and CMM
  • The one component that will keep CMM’s clinical goals from being met
  • The clinical “land of confusion”: When claims data mismatches EMR data
  • Five health system flaws that waste $528 billion annually
  • Why fee-for-service impairs CMM’s benefits
  • How advanced diagnostics target correct therapies
  • What’s the most important measurement for effective CMM in VBC?
  • Three places in the CMM process where data access is most valuable
  • Why opt-in state exchanges hamper CMM effectiveness and patient outcomes
  • How a simple button-click on patient discharge can impact safety and readmissions
  • Affordability: meds vs. food
  • Driving policy through the three A’s: affordability, access, and appropriateness
  • How advanced primary care can improve success in CMM
  • The one CMM change panelists wanted most

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