Innovaccer Book Club: An Interview with Dr. David Nash, author of How COVID Crashed the System


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“During COVID, I couldn’t make a contribution at the bedside. But I could make a lasting contribution, through my most powerful weapon—the written word.” - Dr. David Nash

Renowned care quality and healthcare reform expert Dr. David Nash committed to the power of the pen to shine a light on why the U.S. lost more patients to COVID-19 than any other nation, and why the American health system tragically collapsed during the first wave of the pandemic.

In his highly acclaimed new book, How Covid Crashed the System: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care, Dr. Nash digs deep and uncovers root causes that unraveled the world's most advanced and expensive health system. He and co-author Charles Wohlforth then share their analysis, lessons that must be learned, and report-driven recommendations for transforming America’s sick healthcare system to ensure such a national disaster doesn’t happen again.

On today’s show, we’re honored to have Dr. Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, join us for a wide-ranging discussion with Innovaccer’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Nace, Chief Population Health Officer Dr. Brian Silverstein, and show host Steve Ambrose.

Here’s what the Innovaccer Book Club panel discussed:

  • 5 root causes why our healthcare system crumbled under COVID
  • Eye-opening statistics that reveal leadership failures during the pandemic
  • How exceptionalism and individualism influenced poor decisions and tragic results
  • Healthcare lessons from W.E.B. DuBois … realized today
  • The medical folk hero who helped the community trust doctors and vaccinations
  • Structural racism in healthcare: Why “white guys over 65” won’t solve these problems
  • The one thing that needs 186,000 primary doctors to fix
  • Revealed: the economic factor that’s the #1 driver of clinical behavior
  • A big idea: Why America needs a National Patient Safety Board
  • Human factors engineering: Can it improve burnout and medical errors?
  • 4 crucial measures that save more lives every day than 150 medical centers
  • A fresh and frank look on healthcare’s taboo topics: affordability and pricing
  • Dr. Nash’s top 5 solutions for a post-pandemic health system transformation

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