“Hard” vs. “Soft” Healthcare: A New Framing for Patient Engagement


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Health systems and hospitals are losing revenue and patients in an escalating competition for care services. Challengers—including major retail, pharmacy, telemedicine, and virtual health brands—are thriving, in part by strategically reframing patients as consumers.

That's not news. But there's another reframing they're doing as part of this, which today's guest calls "hard vs. soft healthcare." Understanding and acting on this concept is crucial for traditional provider organizations, who face a must-win moment across the primary, ambulatory, and home-based care segments.

How providers choose to frame patient engagement beyond the established "patient as consumer" theme will dictate how they can compete and thrive over the next decade and beyond.

Gary Druckenmiller, Patient Relationship Management leader at Innovaccer, dives into and explains this new framing on today's show, and explains how hospitals and health systems can make the most of this differentiating shift.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Why patient engagement continues to challenge providers and technology companies alike
  • What are “hard” and “soft” healthcare?
  • The separation and union of “hard” and "soft” healthcare
  • How to close care gaps and improve the front- and back-end of care
  • Why patient engagement must not ignore the financials
  • What in the world is “PRM?”
  • How PRM blends consumerism with a rational, clinically contextual patient data model
  • Where to map soft-side processes around hard-data capabilities
  • Going beyond the transactional/marketing patient experience to driving patient-centric, equitable care

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