Embracing Challenges to Accelerate Transformation


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Dr. David Rhew is the Global Chief Medical Officer and VP of Healthcare at Microsoft. Recognized as one of Modern Healthcare’s top 50 most-influential persons in healthcare, he is a sought-after speaker who holds numerous patents in electronic health records and clinical decision support technology.

In his more than 25 years as an infectious disease doctor, researcher, and successful healthcare IT executive, Dr. Rhew has a track record of uniquely connecting technology to medicine. It’s proven valuable for his part in evaluating and developing technologies that have improved outcomes in care quality, access, safety—as well as accelerating innovation around bettering patient and provider experience.

Joining Dr. Rhew on today’s show is Dr. David Nace, Chief Medical Officer at Innovaccer. They cast a wide net as they grapple with today’s biggest industry challenges, and look at technology’s role in transforming healthcare through innovation. Here’s some of what they discussed in this expansive conversation:

  • What makes interoperability a foundational element for improving AI
  • Tomorrow’s AI-driven chatbots—matching patients to the right clinical trials
  • The best incentives to choose for driving value-based care
  • What is ACI and why is it a game changer for clinicians?
  • The ACO Model: the right approach, but missing one thing
  • COVID’s biggest lesson (and biggest factor) for improving health equity
  • The secret to successful community-based care partnerships
  • Choose wisely: How technology can accelerate or hamper innovation
  • What four crucial opportunities are necessary to improve clinical insights
  • Active listening: Technology that re-humanizes the patient-provider relationship
  • Is data interoperability enough to transform care and outcomes?
  • Why NLP should join the care team
  • How real-world evidence closes crucial data gaps to improve clinical care
  • The one challenge Dr. Rhew would choose to fix above all others

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