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3:05pm: (Guy Mono) What is wrong with Kamala Harris? (10/10/22)

3:20pm: (Harris Mono Continued)

3:35pm: Guest: Jason Rantz, Host of the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle/Tacoma

3:50pm: Kicker Topic: Nantucket alerted to possible Florida-sponsored migrant flight there Tuesday.

4:05pm: CALLS - What is the most important issue you are voting on? (10/28/22)

4:20pm: CALLS

4:35pm: Woke Tales: Our 'cowardice' prevented us from defending James Bennet amid NYT's Tom Cotton op-ed uproar: WaPo media critic

4:50pm: Kicker Topic: Biden torched for claiming gas was over $5 when he took office: 'The lies are staggering'

5:05pm: Guest: Bill Melugin, National correspondent for Fox News (10/19/22)

5:20pm: (Bill M Continued)

5:35pm: (Replay Dagen)

5:50pm: Kicker Topic: About Last Night…we have a burnt Cookie today….

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