The Franklin Scandal, Lovecraft & the Dark Legacy of Robert Berdella w/ Professor WHAM & Recluse


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Robert Berdella, the Kansas City Butcher, Kansas City, Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls, Canton-Akron area, Jeffrey Dahmer, The Collector, Berdella's involvement w/ KC's neo-Pagan/New Age Community, Bob's Bazaar Bizarre, Peter Levenda, Mark Hoffman, Salamander letters, Simon Necronomicon, antique trafficking, gifted program, Berdella's religious beliefs, WHAM's experiences working with Berdella, Berdella's drug trafficking, ketamine, thorazine, torture manual composed by Berdella, Berdella's meticulous notes, Project Coast, South Africa in the 1980s, Berdella's confrontation with a "Wiccan priest" in custody, the Franklin Scandal, sex trafficking, child trafficking, Lawrence E. King, Bush I administration, Craig Spence, Berdella providing girls to ring, parallels between Berdella and Marc Dutroux, WHAM's ritual to contact Berdella, Old Ones, Lovecraft, the Lovecraftian entity w/ Berdella

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

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