Regulating the Regulators: How West Virginia v. EPA Changes Everything-Todd Gaziano


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On this episode of the AIER Standard Ethan sits down with Pacific Legal Foundation's Todd Gaziano, who is their Chief of Legal Policy and Strategic Research, to discuss the recent landmark Supreme Court Decision, West Virginia v. EPA. Todd is a veteran legal mind in the free market and classical liberal movement having previously served as a director at the Heritage Foundation's legal studies center. Mr. Gaziano also held positions in the federal government, including the Department of Justice and the US Commission on Civil Rights.

The conversation covers the implications of West Virginia v. EPA, which checked the administrative state's power to make rules and regulations without more explicit Congressional authorization. Ethan and Todd discuss the premise and history of the administrative state, its role today, and why limits on its power matter. Furthermore, Todd explains the legal constraints placed on the administrative state due to the decision and how they tie into a broader conversation about non-delegation, Chevron Deference, and the balance of federal power. Finally, Todd and Ethan discuss how the structural incentives before and after West Virginia v. EPA affect the way our democratic system of government functions.

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