Wilma Soss: Learn from an Iconic Investor, Activist, and Self Made Woman | Robert Wright & Kate Wand


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On this episode of Liberty Curious, Robert Wright, historian and senior research faculty at AIER, joins Kate Wand to discuss his new book: Fearless: Wilma Soss and America’s Forgotten Investor Movement.


Full Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/pH4B4EcjxRs

Robert shares details of her remarkable story as a self-made woman, journalist, PR pioneer, and activist, who devoted her life to reforming corporate America. In the post World War Two era, with personal lessons from the Great Depression in hindsight, she went from being a stock market skeptic to the owner of what began as one single share that would allow her to have access into the inner workings of corporations. A staunch supporter of free markets and economic freedom, Wilma believed that the private sector was the best means to achieve personal wealth, well-being and liberty, and the ultimate defence against collectivism.

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