Understanding Asymmetry in High Performance Hockey with Mike Cantrell


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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What PRI is and how it has evolved over the years.
  • Developing objective tests and treatment strategies as a physical therapist.
  • The important areas performance consultants focus on, including ribs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Resources + Links:

The Soccer Players’ Tug of War by Mike Cantrell

Learn more at https://www.priperformance.com/


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Show Notes:

What are the strategies a professional performance consultant utilizes for high performance athletes? Sharing his expertise of PRI and pain treatment in the high performance world is Mike Cantrell, joining us as this week’s special guest! Mike is a physical therapist and movement & performance consultant with his own business, Applied Integration Consulting alongside James Anderson. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss with him what PRI is, how he got involved, and how it has changed and evolved over the years before we dive into symmetry and asymmetry in athletes.

We’ll then take a look into a case study of athletic pubalgia for recommended testing and treatment strategies from the perspective of an expert. What are polyarticular chains and how do you activate them? Why is it important to master control over your muscles as an athlete? What are the most significant areas for pelvic positioning? Join us for a treasure trove of learning about high performance athletics from a raw and real technical PRI lens!

00:00 Introducing guest Mike Cantrell, a physical therapist and movement & performance consultant dedicated to helping individuals with chronic pain!

02:50 What led you to PRI?

07:35 What did you do after teaching at the institute?

09:10 What is PRI?

11:45 What are polyarticular chains?

13:15 How do you measure the symmetry of the pelvis?

16:20 Strategizing objective testing for treatments.

19:10 How do you assess pelvic position?

23:50 What would you do for a treatment strategy?

27:15 What do you look for in glutes?

32:35 How important are ribs to pelvic position?

35:45 Understanding athletic pubalgia.

39:40 What areas would you focus on in a large team?

40:55 Why is knowing how to shut off your muscles so important?

44:55 How does a person’s mental wellness relate to their physical therapy?

46:35 How and why is PRI evolving?

47:55 What services do you offer at your business, Applied Integration Consulting?

52:40 What do you have coming up that you’re excited for?

55:35 What beliefs have changed over time in your field?

58:00 Where can people find all your articles?

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