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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Advice for young hockey players, parents, and young coaches.
  • The qualities that elevate coaches and players beyond.
  • What the translation from player to coach looks like.

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Show Notes:

If you’re wondering what defines a good coach from the rest, look no further than this episode! Today, our guest is the player turned assistant coach of the Cleveland Monsters, Mark Letestu. With experience in over 800 games, Mark has valuable advice to share for youth hockey players, hockey parents, as well as parents who are interested in coaching. We’ll talk about his transition into coaching and the shifts that have been made in the game since he was a player. Then, we explore the qualities he looks for in players and coaches that makes them stand out. Join us and learn how to take your coaching skills to the next level!

00:00 Meet the assistant coach of the Cleveland Monsters who has played over 800 games, Mark Letestu!

01:30 What are the struggles for a first year coach?

03:30 Who were the coaches you look up to and aspire to be?

06:50 How do you communicate with younger players?

08:55 Why do you stay away from social media?

10:50 What are the qualities you see that bring players to the next level?

13:25 What makes Connor McDavid so special?

15:00 What makes a good performance and strength coach?

18:25 Valuing metrics.

20:45 At the end of your career, how did players communicate with technology?

23:40 In season versus off season.

26:36 How did you prepare for the off season? What would you have changed looking back now?

28:45 What qualities did you look for in gyms?

30:40 Finding the right program for you.

32:15 What is your advice for young hockey players?

36:35 What advice do you have for hockey parents?

37:40 AAA game schedules.

39:30 What do you think about summer hockey?

41:50 How has summer hockey shifted in a more competitive sense?

43:10 What would your advice be for a young father wanting to get involved in coaching?

44:50 What is your end goal?

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