One Day Better: Meghan Hunter


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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What it was like growing up in a prominent hockey family, the Hunters.
  • The lessons & intangibles from past mentors, family members, and previous experiences.
  • How the women’s game has changed then to now, and where it is going.
  • Advice on how to cultivate culture, communicate, and cooperate with a team.

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Show Notes:

How far can you go when you put in the work? A true testament to elbow grease and hard work, Meghan Hunter, is joining us today! She is the current director of hockey administration & amateur scout for the Chicago Blackhawks. Meghan won’t let her family name do the talking for her, though; she’ll be sharing her own wisdom and experiences with the game from the POV of a former player & coach who made the transition to administration.

Our conversation will bring us back to her past to explore what it was like growing up as a Hunter, one of the first families of major junior hockey in Canada. We’ll go over the lessons she gained from past role models and mentors to follow her journey from beginning to end. Then, we seek her perspective on cultivating culture, her current responsibilities with the Blackhawks, the state of women’s games, and more. Join us as we learn how to work hard to play even harder!

00:00 Say hello to Meghan Hunter, director of hockey administration & amateur scout for the Chicago Blackhawks!

01:20 How did the small town atmosphere affect the way you were raised?

03:40 What were some values your father taught you as a young hockey player?

05:05 How was the support from your mother when you were young?

06:30 What were lessons you pulled from your uncles?

09:30 What lessons did your grandfather teach you?

12:30 What made you choose Wisconsin, and how did the opportunity appear?

16:15 Cultivating culture at Wisconsin as a coach.

18:05 What qualities made you the player you were?

19:30 How has the women’s game changed since you played?

21:00 How is the parity growing in the women’s game?

22:00 After coaching, what was the next step for you?

23:55 What were the challenges during the transition from player to coach?

25:15 How has coaching changed your perspective of the game from a technical & tactical standpoint?

26:50 Where did you learn to create culture?

28:05 Why is communication key to team building?

29:35 What did you take away from the Knights that you still use today?

32:55 What were your responsibilities as manager of hockey ops in national teams?

34:55 The power of using your network.

36:50 What are your duties with the Blackhawks? How have they changed since you first got the job?

39:05 What are your tasks as a scout?

40:05 What is next for you?

41:15 What advice do you have for a young, aspiring female hockey player?

42:00 How about advice for young hockey parents?

42:40 How do you want to be remembered in the game?

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