Episode 233: Brandon Walton - Sports Journalism Secrets


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It's one thing to chat sports with buddies, but it's another thing to be able to actually break down sports as a journalist. There are deadlines to make, and a skill that is required to actually create solid stories about the players and the programs in which you cover.

Brandon Walton, is a fantastic sports journalist. His passion combined with his skill, make for a fantastic end piece when he publishes his work.

Today we'll get to hear from @MrIdahoPreps about his journey as a journalist. Find out about his experience working for a local newspaper and what he learned there, and find out what it takes to put together a solid story.

This is a great opportunity for younger kids who are aspiring to become sports journalists, to hear about the little details behind the job that you will need to be aware of as you get older.

Make sure to download the Scorebook LIVE App or you can go to Scorebooklive.com and you can find his work there. You can also listen to his podcast "The Sideline Sportscast"

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