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“I have been classified as part of Generation Z. There are no letters after Z. Meaning we have a choice: to be an ending, or the people who do things differently.” It’s 2019. Examination is at an all-time high. Mental health problems are an epidemic. Students everywhere are striking school for the climate. Matt is a normal teenager. He likes writing poetry. He likes his friend Aidan. He likes this girl called Amy but is too afraid to ask her out. But sometimes being afraid isn’t an option. Sometimes you’ve got no choice but to help a friend, to take a risk, to make a stand. Join Matt as he navigates the existential threat of climate change as well as the daily pressures of being a teenager. Kids These Days is a spoken word theatre piece written by Matt Sowerby and produced by Robert Hucknall. "A voice that is both insightful and refreshing." - Roger Robinson “had the entire audience utterly rapt." - Katie Hale "Worth listening to attentively." - Bohdan Piasecki "An exciting and engaging poet characterised by musicality, passion and belief in the power of language." - Kim Moore Instagram: Twitter:

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