Solo Piano 6 SampleSongs


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Six sample songs in Solo Piano in a yet to be named performer confirmation. This style is intended to be soft piano to chill to.

The virtual instrument used here is the Modartt PianoTeq VST with the Petrof Mistral Jazz Recording preset. That is my favorite piano and preset in all of PianoTeq. Additionally two Waves VSTs are used for real-time processing for mastering the songs as they play.

The Sonic Pi software platform in used to host the proprietary software that composes all the music that is generated by the Keys to Infinity project. The Keys to Infinity (Keys) software was developed over the last 1.5 years and can be configurated as virtual solo performers to full bands in all music genres.

Once a virtual performer or band is created, complete songs are generated live. There is never any manual human intervention or editing the songs after they are created, what you hear is the output from the Keys software.

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