Resolutions: Yea or Nay? Episode 3 with Kathy Caprino


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Today’s guest, Kathy Caprino, is an internationally recognized career and leadership coach, writer, speaker, and educator dedicated to the advancement of women in business. Kathy Caprino is also a corporate vice-president and a trained therapist and executive coach, who assists women in business to make a difference in the world. She has written for, Thrive Global, and LinkedIn and hosts the podcast Finding Brave. In today’s episode, we discuss her journey and her view on New Year's resolutions, goals, and her perspective of 2022.


• [03:00] Kathy Caprino’s journey to where she is today

• [06:00] Women’s challenges are also relevant to men

• [09:00] Being scared to death to achieve a goal

• [11:00] What is underneath your goal?

• [14:00] Soul commitments vs external goals

• [17:00] Career assessment and survey results


• It’s better to have soul commitments rather than external resolutions. • Many women and men have a lack of power and bravery. • There are many overlaps between career struggles and relationship struggles.



KATHY CAPRINO, MA, is an internationally-recognized career and leadership coach, writer, speaker and educator dedicated to the advancement of women in business. A former corporate Vice President, she is also a trained marriage and family therapist, seasoned executive coach, Senior Forbes contributor and the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough and her latest book, The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss. She is a contributor to, LinkedIn, Thrive Global and her own blog at With her Finding Brave podcast (ranked in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts), her new course The Most Powerful You, and other key resources and services, Kathy’s core mission is to support a “finding brave” global movement that inspires and empowers women to close their power gaps, create more impact and make the difference they long to in the world.

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