Suicide, Mindfulness, and Surviving Life


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Sometimes life just seems to flow along and it's not so much about surviving, it's about riding a wave and enjoying it. Other times life feels challenging. It feels like how am I going to get through this moment to the next? How am I going to survive? Well, I don't know if the ‘s’ word from the title of this episode has ever crossed your mind. You know that word suicide? Have you ever thought, oh, gosh, I'm just so discouraged? Many times I’ve talked with my guests about how to stay focused find contentment in life. I ask them, How do you achieve things in life that matter? Today, this conversation is for you. And I mean, there is a reason you're here and that we’re connected right now. Whatever the time is, whatever the place is, there's a reason that we’re connected at this very moment.

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It's very sad and unfortunate that so many people are feeling anxiety and discouragement in the world right now. I think you'll find value from today's episode, because what I've done is, I’m focusing on five keywords. And I'm just going to talk about those five things in order. The last word is the one that I personally think can be the most impactful and can help you the most. Take whatever you can from any of these points. If you find one sliver of value here, that's great. It might be one word, or one sentence that speaks to you today. It might be that one of the points may really speak to you. Listen to this episode over and over if you find it meaningful.

Today, I just want to connect with you. Personally, I think connection is invaluable between human beings. It's not always easy, but I think the more we're able to connect somehow, the more our life will take on meaning. That doesn't mean you need to connect with hundreds of people and constantly be searching for more people to connect with you. No, that's not what I'm talking about at all. Because that sounds like a rat race and a goal where we would become scattered and frustrated.

Simpler Than We Think

The first word on my list is a word with only two letters. And it starts with D. And it's such a simple word. I think if you're feeling frustrated and stuck, or you're feeling down and discouraged, this word will be meaningful. Maybe you've lost someone or something in this life, and you're just hurting. Do you have a lot of pain or anger? Well, this word is an important word. The word is do. Do something else. Do something different. If you're sitting down, stand up. If you're walking, stop walking, and stand still. You know, it sounds overly simplified. You know what I think? I honestly think some of the best lessons in the world are such simple lessons. That's why we don't see them. That's why we take so long to learn them because they're hidden in their simplification.

Where Is The Prize?

You'll know that there are lots of books out there about finding the secret treasure or finding the answer to life. Often you get to the end of the book and you discover the answer was hidden in a simple place. Well this word do is just a simple word. It just means to me that you need to do something different from what you're doing now. Do something positive, don't do anything that might harm yourself or someone else but do something that's different from what you're doing currently.

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