S4, Ep. 06: Evaluating Christian nationalism as a political strategy


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Where did we see religion and religious liberty have an impact during the midterm elections? Amanda and Holly break down election results in this podcast, including a look at how extremism fared at the ballot box. Plus, they review the implications of former president Donald Trump’s return as a candidate when it comes to Christian nationalism.

SHOW NOTES: Segment 1 (starting at 00:51): A quick overview of election results

Amanda and Holly mentioned this piece by Jack Jenkins for Religion News Service: Despite Mastriano’s loss, don’t count out Christian nationalism

Holly mentioned two pieces by Sam Perry and Andrew Whitehead:

Segment 2 (starting at 09:36): Boebert, Mastriano, Stitt, DeSantis, and more

Holly mentioned this article from Baptist News Global by Mark Wingfield: Oklahoma elects secretary of education who wants to require training in ‘Christian’ version of American history

Amanda mentioned this video of Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt that was available on Twitter at this link.

The link to the campaign video tweeted by Casey DeSantis, wife of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is available on Twitter at this link. You can read Amanda’s Tweet responding to it here.

Amanda and Holly mentioned the Baptist News Global story on the ad by Mark Wingfield, which included comments from former chair of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele: Former RNC head calls new DeSantis ad ‘ass-backwards blasphemy’

Segment 3 (starting at 27:35): The implications of former president Donald Trump’s re-entrance as a candidate for president

Read Amanda’ response to former president Trump’s campaign announcement on Twitter at this link.

Read the Christians Against Christian Nationalism statement and access resources at this link.

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