S4, Ep. 05: Christian nationalism and the midterm elections


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Christian nationalism’s influence continues to permeate so many facets of our world, particularly as we approach the midterm elections. Holly and Amanda look at the headline-grabbing ReAwaken America tour events happening across the country, including how Michael Flynn and others are exploiting Christian nationalism in those arenas for political gain. Plus, they review new research about Americans’ attitudes toward – and knowledge of – Christian nationalism, Supreme Court justices, and recent court decisions. Amanda and Holly share how these new polls can help all of us in our work calling out and dismantling Christian nationalism in our communities and in ourselves.


Segment 1: Michael Flynn and the ReAwaken America Tour (starting at 01:02)

Amanda and Holly gave an update on the Christians Against Christian Nationalism initiative in episode 3.

You can watch the PBS Frontline special “Michael Flynn’s Holy War” at this link.

Amanda spoke to Michelle Smith from the Associated Press for this story: Michael Flynn’s ReAwaken roadshow recruits ‘army of God’

Read the report on Christian Nationalism and the January 6, 2021, Insurrection from BJC and the Freedom From Religion Foundation at this link: https://bjconline.org/jan6report/

Amanda and Holly mentioned these articles about the ReAwaken America rally at Spooky Nook in central Pennsylvania:

Segment 2: A growing interest and concern about Christian nationalism (starting at 14:46)

Read and sign the Christians Against Christian Nationalism statement here.

Andrew Whitehead and Sam Perry are the co-authors of Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States

Click here to read the new findings from Pew Research Center with the headline “45% of Americans Say U.S. Should Be a ‘Christian Nation’”

Holly answers the question “Is the United States a Christian nation?” in this video.

Segment 3: Christian nationalism and the midterm elections (starting at 26:48)

Read the results of the PRRI 2022 American Values Survey at this link. Watch a video presentation of the October 27 release event at this link.

Read the results of the FiveThirtyEight/PerryUndem/YouGov survey at this link.

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