The Business of Joint Warfare


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Welcome to another episode of Lessons from the Cockpit! I had a conversation recently with a Commander I highly respect, for both his leadership skills and impeccable insights on the battlefield and in business. He and I were involved in numerous exercises with other US military services, our international partners, and the extremes of intense air campaigns over foreign nations. This episode captures four of the lessons learned on the battlefield and their application in the business world. Those four lessons are culture, language, requirements, and education. This episode is sponsored by the book Tanker Pilot: Lessons from the Cockpit, found in all four formats on . Four, six, and eight-foot-long prints of Desert Storm F-14A Tomcats and A-7E Corsair IIs for the walls of your home, office, or hanger can be found at . VF-1 Wolfpack WITCHITA 100 F-14A of Desert Storm can be found . VF-14 Topphaters CAMELOT 100 F-14A from Desert Storm can be found . VA-72 Blue Hawks A-7E Corsair II DECOY 401 can be found . VA-46 Clansmen A-7E Corsair II TARTAN 302 can be found . Please share this and previous episodes of Lessons from the Cockpit with family and friends at my website . Thanks for listening and sharing the show!

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