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Hello everyone! I am your Host Erick Ascencio! Welcome everyone to Inebriated Culture! The best Mental Health Podcast out now. Spreading awareness on mental Health as much as I can ! Tune in as Im attempting to change the stigma all while getting REAL, RAW, & PERSONAL! Opening up about depression, anxiety, abuse, love relationships, triumphs, emotional obstacles, trials & tribulations & more!! This Podcast is nothing like you’ve ever heard, I get in down deep & don’t hold back. No I’m not a Therapist I’m not a motivational speaker I’m not a life couch or a philosopher! I’m just someone else whose suffered learned & grown from life’s short comings & have the need to spread the knowledge I’ve gained from it! TUNE IN! you won’t regret it ! Please Rate ! Comment & Share ! All feed back is welcomed & appreciated Good or Bad!

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