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It’s a SPECIAL, ALL, “A la Carte” episode!

  • That didn’t take long! Dave Chappelle attacked on stage. Thanks, Will Smith! Now away with you. I think I hear your wife banging another man somewhere.
  • And speaking of cuckolds, Will Smith and Satan Pinkett Smith to divorce. Good for you, Will! First heal, then DISH.
  • The difference between amateurs and Pros can be traced back to when you had a substitute teacher.
  • Mother’s Day is over and we can all go back to pretending men can give birth!
  • Remember, “My body, my choice” only applies to pregnant women—and men. But not masks and gene experiments disguised as medicine.
  • Bamboo-based toilet paper—NERP.
  • What say we look into all these food processing plants being destroyed? Anyone seen Bill Gates?
  • Amazon: learning from the Disney playbook every day.

On “3 Pro Things”: the horror of the IDEA of having a “Ministry of Truth”, jump off the sinking ship that is Disney, and how the government works in 5 easy steps!

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