Are College Degrees a Waste of Time and Money? How to Win Without One with Hannah Maruyama


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Today on The James Quandahl Show my conversation is with Hannah Maruyama from the Degree Free Network.

Through their podcast, social media, and writing, Hannah and her husband Ryan provide tactical resources and best practices to get where you want to go without getting a college degree.

During our conversation we discuss important topics such as:

Does everyone need to go to college? How Hannah defines success, and what skills are the most important to become successful.

We also chat about how Hannah plans to educate her future children, the interesting method Hannah employed to go from a salary of 28k per year to 70k per year in just one month, and how shortly after that she took another online course and began making over 150k per year.

Finally, our conversation gets a bit emotional when Hannah describes why she believes the education system is failing our children and our adults, how she thinks we should just let it die, and how she’d reinvent it if she had the chance.

We discussed all of this and much, much more on this episode, so please enjoy!

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People mentioned: James Altucher and his book Skip The Line and Tim Ferriss

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