Navigating Romance When You Have Anxiety, OCD Or Depression With Allison Raskin


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Today's guest, Allison Raskin, is a New York Times best selling author and mental health advocate. Her 3rd and latest book, “Overthinking About You: Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD, and/or Depression” just came out on Tuesday (May 3). When we polled you, our Shandies, over on Instagram about this topic, the floodgates of messages and emails opened, so we do our best to cover the most common themes today, including when to reveal your mental health struggles in a new relationship, how to communicate your needs (and what to leave out), and how to tell the difference between your anxiety and your gut instincts. If you've ever found yourself obsessively agonizing over whether or not someone's right for you, today's conversation just might be for you.

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0:00 - Welcome To Allison Raskin!

5:19 - When Should One Share Their Mental Health Struggles With Someone They're Dating?

9:32 - The Difference Between Process And Content—How Much Should You Share?

15:43 - Where's The Line Between Unnecessary Anxiety And Listening To Your Gut?

17:28 - Attraction

21:24 - How To Combat A Lifetime Of Being Told What A "Right" Relationship Looks Like

25:21 - What If Your Partner Doesn't Know How To Help Or Understand?

28:35 - Thoughts On If One's Partner (Or Partner-To-Be) Expresses Hesitation Because Of Their OCD?

36:01 - How To Prevent Your Partner From Eventually Taking Things Personally?

39:58 - Must One Have Their Mental Health Struggles Under Control Before Dating?

41:40 - Tips For Navigating Dating When It's A Cause Of Anxiety

48:16 - What To Do If Your Partner Refuses To Help Themself?

51:43 - Advice For Couples Where Both Parties Are Struggling Individually

53:34 - Medication

57:31 - What's The Gold Star Response To Give When Your Partner Opens Up About Their Struggles To You?

58:49 - Shandy Debrief

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