LOVE FEST! Sarah Nicole & Shane Landry On Harnessing Jealousy & The Romance Of Logistics


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It's Love Fest time! 🎉 Today we're joined by a true ambassador for body positivity, Sarah Nicole Landry, and her partner in crime, her husband Shane Landry.

You already know Sarah from her massive The Birds Papaya empire, spanning her Instagram, blog, app, and podcast, and we're thrilled Shane agreed to join so we could talk the dynamics of their partnership in true Shandy fashion! We learn about their "high school"-like courtship, how parenting four (yes, FOUR!) children affects their relationship, how their prior divorces influenced their mindset in dating, and of course, how they FIGHT! Finally, a Newlyweds Game outcome we were not expecting! Who knows who better? Listen on to find out!

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0:00 - Welcome To Sarah And Shane!

3:12 - How They Met

6:01 - First Impressions

20:30 - How They Complement Each Other

25:57 - Early Hurdle

31:42 - Jealousy

36:37 - Divorce

46:35 - How They Fight

59:40 - How Parenthood Plays Into Their Partnership & How Shane Grew Into Being A Father Figure To Sarah's First 3 Children

1:06:11 - The Newlyweds Game

1:16:36 - Shandy Debrief

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